The Weaponized Word is designed specifically for organizations tasked with monitoring large volumes of real-time, geographically targetted user content, particularly in areas where online conversations reflect underlying historical conflict. The Weaponized Word's API can be used to monitor and analyze real-time predatory behavior against targeted populations, and to assess the health of impacted communities.

The Weaponized Word leverages extensive expertise moderating the worst forms of user interaction and abuse, including hate speech, harassment, disinformation and fraud.

Preventing Violence

Hate crimes are often preceded by hate speech, providing monitoring organizations with a preventive window into escalating conflicts. The Weaponized Word helps humanitarian organizations and civic nonprofits monitor and analyze the tensions in communities, geographical regions, or nations.

Contact us to learn more about how The Weaponized Word can provide a 360-degree view of regionally specific predatory online conversation.

Registered nonprofits and post-secondary researchers may be eligible for free or discounted access to The Weaponized Word's threat analytics and lexicons.

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