The Weaponized Word is a negative analytics technology which identifies and analyzes content-based threats. Because malware filters and other network security technologies aren't designed to protect ecosystems from malicious user posts, The Weaponized Word focuses exclusively on negative user behavior, particularly online harassment and hate speech, disinformation and fraud.

How It Works

The Weaponized Word is 100% compliant with all major privacy legislation, and employs secure tokenization to protect personally identifiable information.

Why moderate negative content?

Unlike healthy debate, online harassment, disinformation and other forms of negative user content pollute online discussion, driving away legitimate users, jeopardizing advertising revenue, and increasing the likelihood of severe financial penalties from national regulatory bodies seeking to stem toxic content using legislation.

Content-based threats also correlate with other types of misbehavior, including network intrusion. Failing to moderate user misbehavior is a signal to criminals and vandals that security is lax.

Measuring and Monitoring

The Weaponized Word's real-time dashboard provides an overview of known and algorithmically identified threats, and allows content administrators to quickly identify top offenders and spikes in specific threat types.

Compromised Accounts

Because The Weaponized Word also tracks user activities associated with identity theft (e.g. changing a password prior to a spike in discriminatory posts), content administrators can flag potentially compromised user accounts before other users can be impacted by trusted contacts.

Mapping the Virtual World Against the Real World

Regionality is intrinsic to The Weaponized Word, allowing content administrators to focus on threats specific to geographic areas. Regional awareness is also helpful for identifying compromised accounts.

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