Detecting hate speech will be the most difficult thing you do today

Disinformation, harassment, hate speech, phishing, fraud, identity theft and other content-based threats thrive at the intersection of technology and policy.

The Weaponized Word's privacy-compliant negative analytics technology helps content administrators protect healthy online communities by limiting the reach of malicious users. Our monitoring technologies leverage a core 7,500+ word index and years of expertise in linguistics and natural language processing to help diverse organizations focus specifically on the impacts associated with negative user content.

More options
 Analyze conversational text for discriminatory content
 Monitor content threat levels and KPIs
 Track common indicators of identity theft
 Identify and analyze regionalized threats

Global, Multilingual, Self-Learning Lexicons

The Weaponized Word uses dynamic dictionaries of known vocabulary, threats, phishing templates and disinformation sources, as well as an understanding of negative language patterns, to provide an unparalleled lexicographic defense to content threats.

Organizations with their own threat analytics infrastructure can choose a DIY approach and simply license The Weaponized Word's lexicons for use within their own environments.

Lexicons and Synonymicons of Discriminatory Speech
Known Disinformation Sources
User History
User Geography

Real-Time Threat Analytics

How It works

The Weaponized Word's threat analytics API integrates seamlessly with your existing in-house technologies to monitor and alert you of content-based threats. Like any other analytics platform, The Weaponized Word sits on top of your existing infrastructure, providing a focused view of negative user behavior.

No identifiable personal user data is passed through The Weaponized Word's API. Users are tokenized using our (and/or your) unique identifiers to ensure complete anonymity and compliance with all applicable privacy legislation.

Leverage Our Expertise

The Weaponized Word's team of advisors, lexicographers, technologists and subject matter experts work directly with partners in the public and private sectors on a broad range of content securty requirements. Although many advisory projects undertaken by The Weaponized Word are hyperregional and/or focus on specific vulnerable communities, our organization's strength is its global breadth of experience, with partners and stakeholders collaborating across 20+ countries and five continents.